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EESS Warranty Policy

Warranty and Returns – All parts come with a 60-day guarantee.
A minimum restocking fee of 20% will be placed on all returns. Some vendors will request an RGA before we can return any items, if this is requested the end-user will need to complete the information for the RGA and pay the % due from the vendor. While we try to make sure the customer is aware of all return requirements and costs, we are not liable to always produce this information upfront.
Not all items are eligible for return; this includes special orders, tubes, electronics, and any open packaging for hydraulics.
If you have questions regarding the warranty or return of any parts, please contact us directly by phone.

*** Please be aware, labor costs will not be reimbursed for customer-installed parts.
Any Hydraulic fluid used to “top off” a tank after a part replacement will not be covered under Heil’s warranty program and will be billed directly to the customer.
Products supplied by EESS for the purpose of warranty are not guaranteed to be covered by Heil. All requirements must be met under the terms and conditions of Heil’s warranty program. Parts will be sold to the customer at standard pricing and that amount will be refunded upon approval of warranty request. Any claims that are denied will be the customer’s obligation. EESS does not have an influence on the decision of warranty coverage. All shipping costs associated with a warranty part are the responsibility of the customer even if warranty approval is given on claimed parts.
The customer agrees to return any claimed parts as well as a Parts Warranty submission form supplied with the warranty part or by contacting any EESS representative.
If all information and product are not available for submission within 14 days then the parts will be discarded and the warranty process will become null and void.